2012…. I’m Back!

Since last September I have been holding off on my blog posts and I am very excited to tell you, I’m back! Last fall my husband and I moved into our new home and started the process of making it ours. My husband is an amazing person and has supported me in my pursuit of photography since day 1, so when we were talking about what we wanted in a home and an office came up, there was no question that it would be included in the “must have” list.

We searched high and low, looking in multiple towns, considered renovating to make it work…. everything. Then one day, we drove by yet another “open house” sign. We had driven by the house a few times, never actually stopped, but decided to pop in just for fun. When we walked in the front door and saw the layout, we fell in love. 4 months later the office of my dreams has finally taken shape and I want to share it with you!

Now that the initial moving craziness has subsided and I’ve caught up with all of my client projects (priority number1!), I am back to blogging and will start with the rest of 2011. Thank you and enjoy!


2 Comments to “2012…. I’m Back!”

  1. It’s beautiful! Congratulations, Leslie!

  2. Hi, Papa and I can hardly wait to see your new home. See on the 11th. XOXO

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