Amy & David’s Wedding

When I arrived to photograph Amy and David’s wedding a few weeks ago, I noticed one thing right away: they are loved. It was wonderful to see such a close-knit system of family and friends supporting Amy and David on their big day. Their ceremony at St. Agatha’s Catholic Church was beautiful and the reception was relaxed and fun, a fabulous Memorial Day weekend wedding!


4 Comments to “Amy & David’s Wedding”

  1. Oh Wow!!!! These have to be the most awesome wedding pics I have ever seen!!!
    God bless Amy & Dave !!!

  2. Amy and Dave
    your pictures brought a tear to my eyes… they are beautiful.. Hope you will always be bless with the happiness of your wedding day…


  3. Amy and Dave, great pictures. I wish you the very best. Mary Ann

  4. Amy and Dave, Although We’ve only met Amy once we can see that you two are truly happy and wish the best for a wonderful life of many anniversaries. The pictures are great and so are your aunt and uncle!!
    Best wishes, Jim and Debbie Glendenmeyer
    (friends of Al and Fuzzy)

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